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Rich Moon Co., Ltd is one company – specialized in Agriculture , Food and Seafood , which is presented for farming , factories , Wholesalers, Supermarket Chains in Viet Nam , including business , trade and all association of fammers . It's proud to say that we're one of the pioneer manufacturers and exporters of products in Viet Nam .We have exported the products to all over the world such as China , UK , UAE , Pakistan , Bangladesh …

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Before you go pour coconut oil all over your head, make sure know how to use it correctly to get the benefits without harming your hair!

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Coconut is also capable of stimulating new student services, gas utility, Pi conditions, aquatic, so very suitable for the audio deficiency, the new service lesions, mouth, thirst, discharge, edema.

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This is an effective method, low investment costs. With the growing period of 20 days, sea grape trees have reached lengths of 10 to 20 cm, while in Okinawa - Japan is home to the best environmental conditions, sea grape trees will be around 6 to 7 cm. Despite the fact that the Okinawan sea grape clean, but the street trees planted here long, large fruits, beautiful color, flavor and quality more delicious. "

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Chili is known to be a regular spice in Vietnamese meals, but aside from the use of chili as a spice, few know the healing benefits of chili.

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Benefits Of Coconut Water

Recent studies have shown that coconut is very good therapeutic effect for edema due to congestive heart failure.

Coconut is also capable of stimulating new student services, gas utility, Pi conditions, aquatic, so very suitable for the audio deficiency, the new service lesions, mouth, thirst, discharge, edema.
Agree that coconut sweetness, the pots, new student, diuretic, antiseptic, and nourishing effects can enhance state, gas utility, property, orange treatment, heat inflamed, eager thirst, the new service is damage, remove ham mouth vomiting, edema, less urination, diseases of the intestinal parasites, insecticides, sores, dermatitis, ...
Eating and drinking coconut water, copra will help to smooth skin, keep cheerful countenance, making people even more beautiful.
But the documents also say coconut water is sweet, cool, calculated average, have the effect of soft targets, detoxify, reduce fatigue, cure drew blood, edema, except heat style (which is a combination of style evil with evil heat that generates symptoms such as fever, headache, chills, fear of wind, sweating, nasal congestion, cough, sore throat, thirst, red tongue, thin white tongue moss or yellowish, line circuit Isaac), ...
Or even say mean things added, tasty, nutritious, should be to everyone's liking.
For the reference and can be effectively applied, would like to present the following medicines from the coconut.

* Heat Cure inflammation, eager thirst, the new service vulnerability, sweat, edema, little red cottage: On drinking coconut water 3 times per 150ml - 200ml.
* Used for bleeding, vomiting, mouth, dragged off, weak, tired, worn out: On drinking 2-3 times per 1 cup coconut water (about 150ml), add sugar and a few grains salt, stir and dissolve drinking.
* Reduces cholesterol and blood pressure control: regular daily eating and drinking young coconut water will effect regulate blood pressure and cholesterol-lowering contribution.
* Is the food good for obese patients: For obesity, the country's copra and it works well in your diet everyday.
Since it has been found in studies with coconut milk 100g body only provides 2 calories. And just 100g for the small copra have 41calorie, if compared with 100g rice rice will be seen to provide 350calorie, such as eating a small copra and coconut water will create a feeling of fullness to reduce eat.
* Treatment and congestive heart failure, edema: When is treatment for this disease combination of fresh young coconut water is moderately effective therapies will increase due to the effect of coconut water and diuretic heart health.
* Property Cure jackfruit, tapioca chips: Each time take half a coconut fruit drink at first, then feed copra in the morning when you are hungry. Eating all the time, no laxative, to 3 hours after eating may be different.
* Cure constipation, bowel secrets: Every day eat half of a copra to 1 results in the morning and evening, to eat a few days will be more effective.
* Cure depression, poor diet: Take grated coconut flesh cut into small pieces, cooked with sticky rice are tender bit of porridge, eat 2 times day, effective Pi conditions, appetizers. Need to eat a few days.
* Cure scabies, fungal, cracked: Take coconut oil is pressed from copra, topical daily on an infected place, day 2-3 times apply until cured.
* Cure seizures, heart attacks, joint pain: Take 30g coconut, terrific special drink water, 2 times a day, blood work activities pain free.
* Detox, rashes, skin fungus: Get crushed coconut shells, water color wash out the wound, which is itch, or mushrooms would have detoxifying heat effect, except for low, antiseptic ...
* Healing appetite: Take small pieces of copra for the clay pot with a lid with sticky rice, chicken taste of each meal for 1. Tightly covered and cooked all the way into the water and cooked food.
* Tri gastritis, intestinal: Get aseptic coconut water from fresh coconuts picked intravenous, each between 300 - 500 ml. (Only at the facilities for drying conditions dangerous to life). A coconut contains between 500 - 800ml coconut milk.
* For the case of blood are damaged, can be debilitating: Copra grated into pieces or fibers and the water pressure in the tunnel with 30g crane characters, dark apple 50g, hens 1 child (wash cut pieces) , until the chicken and night eating, eating in divided doses during the day. Each week can eat 2 to 3 times. Need to eat in 2-3 weeks.

According to  Báo Nông Nghiệp



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