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Welcome our Valued Customers to Rich Moon Company

With the desire to promote high quality domestic products in the Oils and Fats product to international friends and hope of gaining widespread recognition, in 2014, Rich Moon was officially established to bring the best products from Vietnam comes to customers with affordable prices. Throughout the journey of development and international integration, Rich Moon has built and strengthened its brand and reputation in the market, establishing valuable business cooperation relationships with customers and partners. domestic and foreign cooperation in regions such as Africa, Asia, the United States, Europe and the Mediterranean.

Furthermore, in addition to continuously providing top products to customers, Rich Moon's long-term success is also due to a team of dedicated, skilled professionals who are dedicated to their roles. This dedicated workforce forms a solid foundation on which our company can grow and maintain long-term sustainability.


Headquarters: 261 Le Dinh Can Street, Town 6, Tan Tao Ward, Binh Tan District, HCM City, Viet Nam

Tel:  +(84 )28 62 985 557    /  Fax: +(84)8 62 985 657

Email:  export1@richmoon.com.vn

Tax code: 0312941179

Website: www.richmoon.com.vn

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