Overview of refined Olein fish oil manufacture

Producing refined olein fish oil is like taking a detailed journey from raw materials to a clean, premium product. Below is the process we use to produce the finest refined olein fish oil.

1. Get ingredients:

First, to get fish oil to proceed with the next steps, we will catch fish and choose fish rich in omega-3 fats. Fish rich in omega-3 will produce the best fish oil.

2. Extraction of Crude Fish Oil:

After harvesting the fish, extracting, pressing or melting the fish will yield crude fish oil. Here we will obtain an extract consisting of a crude mixture of omega-3 and impurities.

3. Degumming:

Next, we will proceed to clean crude oil residue by adding water to the oil, then stirring the oil well and separating water-soluble impurities from the oil.

4. Neutralizes and whitens:

After separating the oil, this neutralization process will reduce the ability to remove acids contained in the oil due to the removal of free fatty acids. Substances such as alkali and sodium hydroxide react with free fatty acids to form soap, which is then separated from the oil. We then take the neutralized oil and remove the remaining impurities in the oil, using bleaching agents such as activated carbon contained in the oil to absorb the impurities and unwanted color compounds.

5. Deodorization and Winterization:

The first step in the deodorization process is to remove volatile compounds that cause unpleasant flavors. We will distill the oil to remove unwanted odors and tastes in the oil. This is followed by a cooling process to remove waxes and fats that can cause cloudiness and crystallization when the oil is kept at low temperatures. First, the oil will be cooled to crystallize the oil, then the oil will be separated and filtered, creating a clearer oil.

6. Fractionation and quality control:

First we will classify the different components of the oil, then we will classify it as stearin or olive. In the final step, throughout the process, impurities and moisture will be checked to help refined olein fish oil achieve the best quality.

So, turning crude fish oil into refined olein fish oil is a smart process. By taking care during extraction, cleaning and quality control, the industry ensures the final product is healthy and useful in food, medicine and beauty products.

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